“Grassroots” Tips to Repurpose Video Content

5 Quick tips for video marketing repurposing

New Ways to leverage Matty D. Media videos you’ve invested in

By Matt DeSarle

So you’ve invested in a high-quality piece of video content with Matty D. Media. Good for you! Your brand is likely standing out against the competition, and your clients are becoming educated about the problems you solve.

Now it’s time to keep the momentum going.


There are multiple ways to extend the shelf-life of your video asset by leveraging different video marketing opportunities. Companies should always consider working with an expert for paid placement opportunities. However, there are some more grassroots tactics you might not have thought of. Here are five quick tips for repurposing video content.


1. Leverage word-of-mouth

A chiropractor who offers unique dietary programs never knows when he will be involved in a conversation about his weight loss detox plan. However, if he has YouTube links prepared with a headline on his cell phone notepad, he will always be prepared to share. Surround those links with a relevant written summary, and you’ll also be prepared to share your video asset on social media at a moment’s notice.

2. Create new posts on Facebook

You can create new posts with existing videos from your library on Facebook. Look for opportunities to do this. There are many catalysts in your everyday life. You may hear a news update that relates to a segment you’ve produced with Matty D. Media.

Take that opportunity to share a new written post about that subject matter and share the video with it.


You can see the “Create New Post with Video” button just above this line.

The headline and video views counter will remain rooted to the original video asset. Go to your company’s video library on the Facebook business page. Click on that video. You should see an option to “create a new post” with this video. This button has been a moving target in Facebook’s ever-changing layout. But it’s consistently been in the video library.

A good rule-of-thumb is to implement this tactic once every quarter. This can appeal to new followers, but also people who missed the first post or who were less interested in the news “hook” that was written about in the first Facebook post.


3. Fire up that e-mail marketing machinery

​ ​

Do you have an e-mail list for your business? Producing a high-quality video with Matty D. Media can be a great moment to share new updates about your business.

If using Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or a similar program, create thumbnail images that include a play button within the design. Adding a play button to a photo can be an easy task, especially if you employ someone with basic Photoshop knowledge. If you are writing an e-mail in a more traditional format, include YouTube links, which generate their own preview look with a play button in the body of the e-mail.

4. Launch, and/or cross-promote a YouTube channel

Now that you have a YouTube channel with videos produced by Matty D. Media, use your other social media platforms to cross-promote your updated YouTube channel. For example, ask Facebook followers to subscribe on YouTube so that they can see more of your team’s videos in one place. YouTube channels can be launched from a Google profile page. If you have a business with a physical address, you should have or seek out a Google profile. Google owns YouTube.

5. Throw a party!

Watch parties are the best. For one, they’re a business expense. And, they both rally your base of customers while thanking them for their patronage. Consider letting your customers know that they will be the first ones to watch your brand’s video “premiere.” This can be a good opportunity to get last-minute feedback before launching the video elsewhere, but it can also excite your loyal followers to want to like, share and comment once your video is public. A watch party is the perfect excuse to plug in a big screen TV and serve some fine food and drinks!

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