Produce Animated Text Videos With custom Footage

Just like stock images, cheesy animation video apps are everywhere. Normally, these services use stock footage (that everyone has access to) and cookie-cutter templates that could make your brand look cheesy on social media.

Matty D. Media always produces custom videos for its business clients.

Matty D. Media is offering a deal on animated text videos that feature custom footage for local businesses and organizations.

​Existing clients get a discount when their archival footage is used in the video edit.

Prices for a 30 second spot

  • Edited with existing footage ————– $300
  • Edited with 100 word voiceover————$450
  • Edited with new video footage————-$750
  • Edited with new footage plus voiceover–$900

Kansas City foundation repair company, Foundation 1, recently produced one of these videos using footage captured by Matty D. Media and a new 100 word voiceover.

If you want to produce one of these videos, please e-mail today. We will start brainstorming which headlines to animate over your video.

​Matty D. Media also offers writing services for voiceovers and works with a network of narrators. As always, we produce videos with copyright free music (so that your video doesn’t get yanked from Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

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