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A La Carte and Extras

Video Editing Labor

  • $40 per hour for existing clients
  • $75 per hour with non-Matty D. Media footage

Videography Labor

  • $100 per hour in HD
  • $150 per hour in 4K

Drone Videography 

  • $150 per half hour of flight time

Writing Services for Television and Video 

  • $125 per 100 words voiceover recorded for existing Matty D. Media edit
  • $225 per 100 words voiceover recorded for non-Matty D. Media video edits

Social media management services 

  • $20 per social media post written with Matty D. Media-produced video uploaded
  • $30 per social media posts written with non-Matty D. Media visual
  • $20 per YouTube video uploaded with written summary (to client’s site)
  • $30 per YouTube video hosted by Matty D. Media YouTube channel

Equipment Hourly Rental Fees

  • $150 HD Professional Camera
  • $200 4K Professional Camera
  • $15 Tripod
  • $125 Tripod with Slider
  • $30 Lavalier Microphone (wired)
  • $80 Wireless Microphone
  • $15 Lighting Kit, 1-2 LED lights
  • $30 Lighting Kit, 3-4 LED lights

Extra Production Elements and Services

How much a video production costs depends on how many production elements are used.  This is true with any professional video production company or freelance videographer.  In addition to some of the classic formats that Matty D. Media produces (montage, testimonial, etc.), we offer additional production elements to enhance the final product.  Here are some of the production elements and services we charge extra for.

Drone videography:

  • $150 per 30 minutes of flight time

Video editing extras:

  • 30% Increase for *Rush Edits
    *Rush Edits are video edits delivered within 72 hours of the last piece of footage gathered.  Normally, Matty D. Media promises to deliver video edits for approval within 2 weeks.
  • $40 per *Extra Revision
    *Every video we edit includes one free revision

Closed Captioning:

  • 50 cents per word


Graphics with Video 

All video productions by Matty D. Media include simple graphics.  That means things like name, title, company contact info and logo overlaid onto the video.  If you’d like more sophisticated graphics, we can design those as well.  To help you brainstorm some effective design ideas, check out these 5 trends for 2019.    If you are interested in animations and infographics blended into your video production, see those rates below. 

Animated videos with infographics 

  • $75 per slide with 5-20 words per slide
    *Videos with infographics are a popular way to communicate pertinent stats and information.  These animated infographics compliment video that we gather.  The cost of videography is separate.  Each interstitial infographic is custom-made and therefore charged as its own slide.
  • $45 per slide with **headlines-only (1-4 words)
    **See the example at the bottom of this page.*Example


To check out more video packages by Matty D. Media, return to the main pricing page.  

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