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Matty D Media is a Video Production Company Located in Lawrence, KS

Engage Your Customers With Personalized Media

Local businesses and organizations are the backbones of communities, and those are who the crew at Matty D Media strive to serve. Our goal is to put the personal back into the media that we provide for our customers so that they can better give back to their community. Our affordable video production services are customized and catered to the Lawrence, Kansas surrounding areas to maximize your local impact.

Matty D. Media provides video production for small business and local organizations.

Matt (producer) and Eric (videographer) were easy to work with, offered advice and came through in a very timely manner. I cannot recommend them enough. Very professional
Cat Henry
Cat Henry
Matt was incredibly easy to work with and so proactive about making sure our project kept moving. He researched our agency beyond what I would have expected in order to understand what we do. At every step of the way, he let me know what to expect and what he needed from me to make our final project awesome.
Matty D Media is the best! The videography is great and he delivers on his promises. I have worked with Matty on a couple of projects and whenever I think media, I look no further than Matty D.
My organization, Life Restoration Ministries recently produced a stage production in partnership with The Lied Center of Kansas to celebrate Juneteenth! From the very beginning, Matt and Eric met our project with excellent customer service, genuine enthusiasm and great passion! They produced a promotional video and a series of interviews that were played throughout the production. In addition, they provided videography of the event, producing a DVD and a 4K electronic file of our event! We highly recommend Matty D Media! They will be committed to your vision and help you achieve the outcome you desire!
Matty D Media was exceptional to work with, very professional and easy to work with. They did what they said they would do and went above and beyond! They provided a great experience for everyone involved in our project!
Catherine Maxon
Catherine Maxon
Zach Saltz
Zach Saltz
Tony Schwager
Tony Schwager
Definitely a professional. Just a simple conversation with Matty was an inspiration, and definitely had a true passion for Video Production. Projected a strong resonation in my mind of his decision to his children, and to the betterment of children... That strikes a chord with me.
Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter
The team at Matty D Media knocked it out of the park for us. They produced great quality videos for us, over a holiday, during a pandemic, and were nothing short of polite, professional, and responsive along the way. They delivered on time and on budget! We look forward to doing more with Matt and the team at Matty D Media!
Rob Hulse
Rob Hulse
We've worked with Matt on a few different projects in the last few months. He and his team were quickly able to see our vision of the end product and delivered quality and affordable productions for us to use to educate and inform citizens. Even during this time of a public health crisis, he and his team worked virtually with us to complete the projects. Matt and his team are professional and accommodating and took the time to understand our needs and sensitive to our business. The team worked fast to have final products in a matter of weeks. We look forward to working with Matty D Media on future projects!
Matt is always very pleasant to talk to and work with. He has always showed his great passion for video production through his creative angles of helping small business owners and his professionalism of illustrating his indepth understanding of his clients:)
I called Matty D because I had seen their work and was very impressed with the quality. I was in a bind and needed a commercial to be done quickly and professionally. Matt and his crew expedited their filming and editing and helped me to reach what seemed like an impossible goal. I will use them again anytime that I need media services. They are exceptional in quality and service.Terry Jacobsen (owner)
Our company has over 100 locations nationwide with thousands of employees. Within the past year Matty D Media has produced several video production projects for us. In every instance the work was exceptional, finished ahead of schedule, and was within the budget provided. It’s for these reasons and many more why our company plans to continue working the Matty D Media on future video production projects
Peter Browning
Peter Browning
Matty has provided wonderful results for my video request. Working with him during this time of uncertanity and navigating covid in our lives has been in flow and ease. He did a video to launch my Master Class outside and I felt safe and did not skip a beat on the video timeline. I also sent Matty a video to perform his magic on to launch for the ICF Heartland Charter Chapter for Missouri and Kansas ICF Coaches and this was also seamless and with a level of high excellence. I would highly recommend Matty D Media for any and all of your video needs. Liz Dobbins
Liz Dobbins
Liz Dobbins
Matt was not only professional, but patiently coached me through the production. He was clear and concise. Efficient. He was his element and always operating on that fine line between speedy but not rushed. I also feel I got a very good product for the money. What's more, he initiated calls and emails throughout the project and continues to do so to check up on me. That's impressive customer service. I am looking forward to our next project.
Paul Morgenroth
Paul Morgenroth
Working with Matt was so effortless and our business saw immediate results. Our video presence online has set us apart from our competitors and we hear from our new clients that they feel like they already know us after watching our videos. We will continue to produce more and more videos with Matty D Media, they truly are the experts.
Neal Julian
Neal Julian
Matt's production location scouting and attention to detail provided in their bid was very helpful! His legwork in the pre-production process was very thorough and much appreciated!
E Finley
E Finley
Matty D. Media is an absolute joy to work with. Matt DeSarle is the best of the best! Between his knowledge, expertise, and dedication to capturing your vision, Matt produces amazing work that you will be proud to share. He is always easy to reach and very organized in his work, not to mention his attention to detail! Did I say generous?! Matt even volunteers his talents to help nonprofits like Kansas Advocates for Better Care share their story and gain support from the community. Don’t sleep on Matty D. Media, be sure to book Matt and his team for your next video production!
Matt has been influential in creating a media presence for our company. He learned our industry and took the time to understand our company culture, and that has made the difference. We have worked with Matt for 3 years and continue to find value in what he adds to our brand experience.
Wes Sylvester
Wes Sylvester
Matt is a professional and easy to talk with. He has a good eye for how to stitch together compelling videos and he can deliver what you want.
Stephen Lane
Stephen Lane
Matty D Media LLC has been great to work with, and does top quality work! He really takes the time to find out what our goals are and what we're trying to accomplish with each project, and makes sure we get what we need. Thanks Matt!
Matty D. Media gave me the professional online appearance I needed to expand my clientele and reach more ideal clients. I’m a repeat customer because they get response and take my business to a whole other level!
I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Matt on a series of videos. He's professional, innovative and easy to work with. I look forward to working with him again in the future!
I have had the privilege of working with Matt on several occasions. It is always a pleasant experience. He does a great job of honoring his clients and doing the best work he possibly can.
Matt is very professional, easy to work with, and has a great vision for the final outcome of a project!
Pam Luthi
Pam Luthi

Video Service Packages

Matty D. Media provides video production for small business and local organizations throughout Lawrence, Topeka, and the greater Kansas City area.

Our video production service offering includes:


Corporate Videography





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Event Videography

Trade Shows

Corporate Events


+ More

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A La Carte Services

Drone Videography

Video Editing


+ More

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VHS to Digital Transfer

VHS Tapes

VHS-C Style Video Tapes

Some MiniDV Models

Audio Cassette Tapes

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When DIY is Not Enough

You can find DIY videos for just about everything online from fixing your car to knitting a blanket. You can even find information that details how to create a video script, take clear video and audio, and put it all together.

What you won’t find in those DIY videos, however, is that a lot more goes into a compelling advertisement, profile, testimonial, or other informational videos than just the construction. Good videos tell a story, that is personalized, true, and moving. No single element of videography is going to do that, and Matty D Media has the experience and skills to provide content that doesn’t just present the facts but also moves the viewer. Choose professional services to get your job done right and choose Matty D Media to get it done better.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a forward-facing marketing strategy that utilizes video content and compelling script writing to tell a story while selling a product. The way that these scripts are performed can be verbal or nonverbal, and it is one of the jobs of a good videographer to choose the right script for the feel of your video.

For instance, you’ve probably noticed sales-driven commercials on the television being cut in short, snappy ways. Punchlines are best when targeting fast-paced consumers over a widespread area. However, Matty D Media is focused on providing content for the local Lawrence area, and that calls for a completely different video marketing campaign. We analyze your consumer base for you and cater our media to fit with their interests and values.

Lawrence, KS Video Production Company Owner Matt DeSarle

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most prevalent marketing platforms being utilized today. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 81% of companies utilize video marketing as of the beginning of 2018 and 76% of marketers have noticed a positive impact on their advertisement campaigns because of video marketing. These numbers are merely statistics, but there are far more tangible ways in which video marketing strategies benefit their customers.

  • Video marketing is the face of your company. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they only tell a situational story. Videos capture stories in depth, helping your customers find trust in your company, their products, and their services.
  • Like print and word, static marketing campaigns often miss their target audience. Video marketing campaigns utilize elements of print, photography, and videography to maximize the audience’s experience and bring them into a greater understanding of what makes your business or product the top of the line.
  • Videos attract customers. The average American watches a base of four hours of television daily, which makes even local channels a prime target for marketers. Advertisements stick out among their chosen programs and memorable advertisements can make a lasting impression during these breaks.
  • There are endless video platforms for your finished product, so the target audience can be reached on everything from local channels to YouTube for maximum ROI.

Video Marketing FAQs

Is video marketing more expensive than other forms of marketing?

As is true of all forms of marketing, there is an initial up-front cost. However, most customers experience a much greater return on investment (ROI) from video marketing campaigns than from other advertisement campaigns. This is because video reaches the widest audience, which allows your company to effectively sell its product or services. For more information on our services and prices, check out our pricing page.

What do you consider when constructing my media?

First and foremost, Matty D Media services the local community. For this reason, we consider the values and standards that the Lawrence area holds dear and apply that to all our videos. Other factors that we consider when we create your marketing videos are how you intend to reach your audience (ex. YouTube, Facebook ads, local television channels), your goals for the video, and who the demographic of your video is.

Why should we choose Matty D Media over your competition?

Local businesses are becoming favored across the country, and there’s a reason why. They provide the most personalized services, and that is what our company offers. Flashy videographers and freelancers spread across the United States might have the skills, but we have the skills and the local know-how to target your audience correctly.

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