Matty D. Media provides video production for small business and local organizations.

Product Demos

Matty D. Media produces commercials that feature locally-made products. In this production, seed company Midland Genetics shows off its highest performing crops for the cameras.

Company Profiles

We produce company profiles with storytelling that viewers are craving. Here, we sort through family photos and bring cinematic equipment to tell this company's backstory.


Businesses drive future sales by producing testimonial videos. And there is an art to retelling success stories of local brands. In this video, Matty D. Media captures the story of a client who lost 25 pounds with a chiropractor's detox program.

Short Films

Director Matt DeSarle partners with local filmmakers to produce videos that blend art and science. In this video, cinematographer Eric Scherbarth captures beauty shots of a student garden while DeSarle interviews the high school kids who plant the seeds.


Matty D. Media writes, records and edits voiceover videos. The voiceover technique not only offers a concise narrative, but often navigates complicated compliance issues or privacy concerns for corporations.


Companies need to explain what they do. We make that simple. In this video, our crews spent the day with farmers working for a regional seed company. This specific video explains the research behind their work.

Online Workshops

Entrepreneurs monetize their expertise when they produce video workshops. We can create a video series for entrepreneurs with this goal. In this video, we use 2 cameras to produce a recap video of a message therapist's session. This video is one of many that lives on a website that students pay to watch.

Infographic Videos

Matty D. Media breaks down the numbers. The economic impact stats seen in this video were curated over a full year. Matty D. Media broke it down into a video less than one minute. Infographic video production gives a modern look to a sophisticated crunching of the numbers.

TV Commercials

Matty D. Media offers TV commercial production to air on local cable systems like Midco Cable of Lawrence, Kansas. Our camera crews produced this 30 second spot to showcase the before-and-after work of home remodeler Construction Specialties.

Event Promotions

We have the editorial experience to navigate emotional issues and carefully handle topics that are tough to talk about. In this documentary, our crews spoke with a local family about its battle with cancer.

Event Coverage

Matty D. Media thrives in video marketing for local events. Businesses and organizations like Lawrence Memorial Hospital turn to Matty D. Media to both promote and recap their important events with video production. Like many videos we produce, this recap of a corporate event will be used online to promote future annual events.

Real Estate Videos and More!

Realtors are turning to video marketing in a more serious fashion. Matty D. Media is armed with drones, sliders, 4K cameras, GoPros and all types of new gear to create HGTV-styled videos buyers and sellers want to watch. This property listing video was produced for a Lawrence property listing that sold in no time!

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Tell Your Story
  • Make An Impression
  • Capture Your Target Market
  • Gain More Customers For Your Small Business!
  • Videos for YouTube, Websites, Facebook, & More!​

What is Matty D Media?

Matty D. Media is an affordable video production service for local businesses. Our video segments are custom made for websites, social media channels and local TV commercials. We gather the newest sights and sounds from your business to show clients what makes you unique. We take great pride in living and doing business in Lawrence, Kansas and the surrounding areas.

We provide free estimates!

We love working with local businesses! Contact us today to see what video options would be the best for you!

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