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Matty D. Media offers a full range of corporate video productions for our business clients. Our Kansas-based video producers specialize in creating commercials, company biographies, customer testimonials, recruiting videos, and more.

For time-sensitive video inquiries, please call or text (785) 917-1999.  We are currently experiencing issues with contact forms reaching our e-mail inbox.  If you have emailed and don’t hear back within a few hours, please give us a call!  

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Video Package Pricing

*For larger productions, please email to connect for a custom quote. 

Companies We’ve Worked With

Matty D. Media has produced high-quality videos for local and national brands. Our video crew serves franchises like BOOST Mobile and John Deere. We are also proud to serve growing regional companies such as Midland Genetics and McGrew Real Estate. Matty D. Media also provides video production for Lawrence, Kansas organizations such as LMH Health and the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. Our videos appear on company websites, social media feeds, on display at trade shows, conferences, and even closed audiences like company training modules.

While our filmmaking crew is based in Kansas, we serve companies throughout the region in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

boost mobile
university of kansas
Kstate Research and Extension
Lawrence, KS Chamber of Commerce
john deere tractors 2
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
mcgrew real estate
Midland Genetics

Corporate Videography Packages

We categorize our video productions in the field by whether they’re produced in HD quality, 4K quality with one camera, or 4K quality with two cameras. HD is the most cost-effective, while our 4K packages offer a premium quality level.

Learn more about our video packages below.

On-Site Media and Video Production Packages

Google “Street View” 360 Photos

Starting at $375

We provide Google-verified 360 degree interactive virtual photos for businesses. That includes interior interactive photos, such as a showroom, and exterior photos of a business location. Click here to roam through an example we captured.  (We also produce virtual property listing videos for $375; Click here to watch an example).

Click the link below to experience one of our recent Google 360 photos:

Google Certified 360 Photos
Kansas Business Storefront/Showroom Google 360 Photo

4K Single Camera Video Package

Documentary-styled videos starting at $800

Our first 4K option is a production with one videographer which includes:

  • One on-camera interview with lavalier microphone
  • One date/location
  • One videographer
  • 20 minute interview session
  • One hour max videography session for B-roll
  • 60 second max video output

Here’s a recent example of our 4K single camera corporate video package:

4K Dual Camera Video Package

Two camera video productions start at $975

A 2-person crew naturally gathers more footage and angles than a one-man-band. This results in a wider variety of visuals in the final product.

Our 4K Dual Camera Video Package includes:

  • One on-camera interview with wireless microphone
  • One date/location
  • Two person video crew
  • 20 minute interview session
  • One hour max videography session for B-roll
  • 2:30 minute max video output

Here’s a recent example of our 4K dual camera corporate video package:

Our 4K productions with a two person crew also include unlimited use of Matty D. Media’s growing archive library of local and stock video from Kansas, Missouri, and the surrounding Midwest region.

Customize Your Video Package

If the video packages listed above don’t appear to meet your requirements, check out our A La Carte Video Services page to learn more about our full service offering. You can also contact us directly for a free consultation.

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Corporate Video Production FAQ:

What is B-Roll?

B-roll is essential cover footage that compliments a narrative.  B-roll is almost synonymous with “action shots.”  However, not all B-roll is an action shot.  B-roll footage could also show a place or a product.

How can I add production value to my base?

Matty D. Media offers a variety of extra production elements.  We offer drone videography, custom animated graphic design, voiceover services, and more.  Click here to browse a la carte options.

4K vs. HD

A 4K video is about double the image quality of its HD counterpart.  Technically, 4K is 3840 x 2160 pixels whereas HD is 1920 x 1080 pixels.  In 2019, there are an estimated 35-40% of Americans who own a 4K television.  And a majority of Americans own a smartphone that supports 4K video.  Therefore, Matty D. Media recommends its clients produce content in 4K.

Virtual Video Productions and Video Editing

During COVID-19, more of our clients needed video production solutions while creating content virtually. Matty D. Media has a vast library of local beauty shots and cinematic stock video.  Therefore, it’s possible that our team can enhance your recordings without meeting in person.  Please click here to learn more about our virtual video production options, including editing Zoom and other video conference recordings.   This has been a great option for training videos with many of our business clients.

How can I save money on corporate video production?

Matty D. Media makes it affordable for existing clients to repurpose raw footage.  For only $45 per hour, we will re-edit source material from your original package.  For example, a spinoff video on a secondary topic could be produced in the $120-$160 territory.  Visit to see more a la carte and extra options.

How can I contact Matty D Media to get started?

Ready to produce?  Please call or text (785) 917-1999 or fill out a contact form for a free estimate.

Matty D. Media proudly serves small businesses during the COVID-19 while following CDC guidelines.

Matty D Media with stabilizer and mask
Matty D. Media proudly serves small businesses during the COVID-19 while following CDC guidelines.

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