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VHS transfers by Matty D Media

VHS Transfer Service in Lawrence Kansas

Matty D. Media LLC provides a VHS transfer service that allows customers to put their old videos online.  For only $5 dollars, customers can have half hour videos uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox.  Matty D. Media is a video production service based in Lawrence, Kansas.  Its YouTube channel can host video transfers at no extra charge.  Or, a customer can choose to have the video file transferred on Dropbox.

Costs to Transfer VHS to digital

With its VHS transfer service, Matty D. Media transfers a traditional 2 hour VHS tape for only $20 dollars.

This service includes an upload onto Dropbox or YouTube. If customers want to upload onto both platforms, it will cost $3 more per half hour of content. Matty D. Media transfers in half hour (or less) increments.

How to keep VHS copies private online

Videos uploaded to YouTube can be shared as either a “public” video or an “unlisted” one.  Public videos are searchable by the general public.   For example, if your video is entitled “Edie Family Reunion 1989,” anyone searching YouTube or Google for that exact phrase would likely find the video.
Conversely, if the video is saved onto YouTube as an unlisted video, only people who have the unique URL link can access the video.  For example, you can watch this video of a mother playing with her boys on a playground if you had this exact link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFBkOWa0_NQ .  That video is an example of an unlisted video on YouTube.  It has just a handful of views.  Matty D. Media can host unlisted videos on its company channel for VHS transfer customers.
Visit YouTube’s FAQ page about unlisted videos by clicking here.  
If you want your video to be private, the best option is to manage who has access to the actual video file.  Matty D Media can transfer actual video files on Dropbox.  The customer can download the video file, save it to a hard-drive, and manage who can have access going forward.
The Matty D. Media VHS transfer service does not include a DVD copy.  The VHS transfer service includes one Cloud-based storage route.  Customers choose between YouTube or Dropbox for Cloud-based storage.

VHS Transfer Service Lawrence, Kansas

This service is offered by Matty D. Media, a limited liability company in Lawrence Kansas.  Offer subject to change.  Offer based on availability.  Limit 5 VHS tapes per person at a time. This service does not include physical delivery of VHS tapes.  E-mail mattydmedia@gmail.com or call (785) 917-1999.

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