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Wardrobe and other considerations before your company video shoot

On a recent pre-production planning session, an office of about a dozen staff members questioned aloud, “what should we wear during the video shoot?”  The company owner rushed over to the office fish tank and noticed the algae growing.  He worried aloud about cleaning the tank in time for the video shoot.  Yes, sometimes the corporate video shoot day can feel like school picture day.  There’s some natural anxiety that comes with it.  Like parents, you want your baby (now your brand) to look pristine. And you also want a quality image for your investment.  Much of this is open to your interpretation.  But let’s run through quick wardrobe considerations for television and/or video presentations.

What to wear on the day of your video shoot

What to wear on-camera during a video shoot is definitely a personal choice.  We suggest that you wear what makes you comfortable and represents how you’d appear with your normal customers, clients and stakeholders.  Matty D. Media produces documentary-style videos.  So we recommend that you not “dress up” or “dress down” for the video shoot.  If you wear ties, pick out your favorite tie.  Wear what gives you confidence.  Ultimately, it’s your call!

There are some textbook best practices for wardrobe with television and video.  For example, try not wear clothing that is white, sleeveless, or has busy patterns.   A blouse with your favorite neckline is recommended, because the neck and shoulder area will be included on any shot where you appear on camera.  Vibrant and complimentary colors like purple or green traditionally work well.  Just don’t wear green if your TV crew is using a green screen!  Pair your favorite jewelry with your favorite neckline.  Just make sure your jewelry does not make noise.  The Matty D. Media crew has seen (and heard) earrings that clank into each other and creating unnecessary noise on the microphone.

Should I Wear Glasses During a Video Shoot?

This answer goes back to the advice above.  If wearing glasses makes you more comfortable, go with it.  Your video crew will try its best to manage reflections that happen with the glass.  Different lighting techniques can help avoid reflections.  If your clients are accustomed to seeing you in glasses, we’d recommend keeping that consistency.

Pam Luthi of Pam Luthi Insurance Solutions wears glasses during a video shoot.  Click here to watch on YouTube.

Avoid Busy Patterns Creating a “Moiré Effect”

You may be asking, “what’s too busy.”  When it comes to clothing for television and video, this choice may have less to do about the stylistic choice.  It may actually create a technical error with the cameras.  Clothing (or any fine detail) that is too busy creates what’s called the moiré effect.  If the pattern is too busy, the camera technically can’t process the image.  Matt DeSarle volunteers this bad wardrobe choice in this sample video below…

We have had clients come to a video shoot thinking that subtle lines on their dress shirt wouldn’t qualify here.  However, in the end, those lines crammed together did cause a moire effect.  You’ve probably seen this technical error happen on television.  It looks like an optical allusion.  Lines on a shirt create a blob of waving activity.  This is what the camera outputs when it cannot process those details.  Below are some examples of clothing that caused this effect.  The faces have been removed to protect the innocent.  You’ll notice both the female and the male are wearing a similarly “busy” lined shirt.

An interview subject tempts fate with a shirt that may cause the dreaded moire effect on video.

Moire effect is also given the definition of “the fine, repetitive detail in (the) photographed subject,” by Cinematographer Igor Riđanović.  That’s another great way to describe it!

The moire effect could could happen on a repetitive detail such as this one.

How To Prepare For On-Camera Interviews

Appearances do matter.  However, what professionals say in the video can actually be more important.  Besides, your interview commentary may become a voiceover in the final video while the viewer sees action footage of your company at work.  Before stressing over how to appear, give some thought to what you’d like to say.  Communicate with your video producer about the types of questions that will be asked.  And if there’s a shared list of questions or scripted material, request seeing that first.

Interior designer wears brown tones in solid patterns during a Matty D. Media video shoot. Her neckline strikes a great balance between layering designs while not overwhelming the camera with busy patterns.  Click here to watch the original video.  

If you are still nervous about your upcoming video shoot, please understand this feeling is natural.  You can also rest assured that Matty D. Media will edit the video to put you in the best possible light.

Matty D. Media is a video production company serving small businesses in the Kansas City area.

Remember, this will all be edited!

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