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Matty D Media is confident that our team of writers, editors, and videographers can help our local businesses with the video services that they need. Below, find a list of our most popular services with a link to more specific pricing for each service.

Corporate Video Packages

Our goal for our interview-based corporate video packages is to bring a documentary-style videography to highlight the personal nature of your small business. Our video capabilities can bring to life the voices of 1-12 different spokespeople for your company, depending on the goals your company has for this video. Prices do vary based on a variety of factors including video quality, number of spokespeople, number of cameras, etc.

For more specifics, visit our Corporate Video Production page. You can also generate a custom quote for your corporate videography project using our Price My Video tool.

Event Coverage Video Packages

Events can be some of your company’s greatest PR allies, but part of the challenge of marketing with events is finding the right people to cover it. Matty D Media focuses on all elements of the event – from the action to the people making it possible – to highlight exactly what makes it (and your company) special.

On average, Matty D Media uses 80% of the raw footage captured at the event for all-inclusive coverage and 10% of the event for condensed coverage packages. All options are available in HD or 4k, with options for rolling camera and wireless microphone usage.
For more specifics on how you can customize your event coverage, visit our Event Coverage Video Production page. You can also generate a custom quote for your event videography project using our Price My Video tool.

Videography Labor

Have full footage, partial footage, or just a video idea with no way to make it happen? That’s where the specialized services of the videographers at Matty D Media can help. We provide conceptual and production services that formulate a visual story based on the goals that you have for your video idea. Our pricing is hourly and is based on your preference for HD or 4K video footage. Visit our A La Carte page to see more about hourly videography rates.

Video Editing

You could have shot the best footage ever on your phone or home video recorder but still not have any idea how to tie it together into a meaningful video. If you’ve done the labor of shooting footage and need help editing to make your video into the piece that you want it to be, consider our hourly video editing rates.

Writing and Script Writing Services

Matty D Media’s crew of videographers have the skill and background needed to write a moving, persuasive, and otherwise emotional piece for your intended video. Part of this service involves consulting with you on the best tone and included information to really drive home the reason for your commercial, advertisement, or voice over. For more specific pricing, click here.

Equipment Usage

Matty D Media also lends out our equipment to videographers who need professional work done on their own time and budget. Our per-equipment prices include HD and 4K professional cameras, tripods, lavalier and wireless microphones, and different-sized lighting kits. More information on how much one-time rental of this equipment costs, click here.

Drone Videography

A very popular videography choice, drone videography is hard to do well as an amateur videographer. Our team is highly-skilled in drone piloting, and when footage is captured they edit it flawlessly to make sure it highlights your video’s goals. For more information on drone videography pricing, please see our extras pricing page.

Animated Graphics

Sometimes, animated graphics like slide-banners and animated slide transitions are the best options for tying together the elements of your produced video. If you’re interested in including animations in your finished video project, check out the prices for our half-page summaries and slides for your professional videos.

Closed Captioning

As part of a small community business and organization, you are committed to all your customers. To make your video more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing that are part of our community, consider making closed captioning part of your budget. We offer competitive prices for accurate transcription.

If you’re ready to get started on your next video project with Matty D Media, please contact us today and let us know which of our services you’re most excited about.

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