Our 6-Step Video Production Process

Matty D. Media prides itself in being a local business. From the content that we create to the way we conduct our business, everything centers around the idea that our clients are individuals with specific needs – a sentiment that we believe stems from local values. To meet those needs, Matty D. Media has a six-step process that we follow to ensure consistency from pre-production to post-production. We can assure you that from the time we start working with you to the time we present your final product that your product will be unique while we provide familiar, comfortable services.

Here is a look into the six-step process that we use to create products for our customers.

1. Pre-Production Consultation for Video Production

There is no better way to create a cohesive project than to understand our clients fully. That is why each of our projects starts with a consultation before production. As well as getting to know the client to get a feel for the right type of video for their business, our producers meet with each client to go over a business projection plan. All video projects are designed with an eye for the long-term.  Producers and clients discuss exactly what they wish to portray through the visual and directive aspects of the video as well as how to align these aspects with goals of the business prior to discussing anything else.

2. Bid Estimate

Once the consultation goes smoothly, the team puts together an estimate for how much a project like this will cost. This will account for the production, post-production, and materials that we estimate it will take to complete the project. We do our best to give you the most accurate representation of the process, and the client will receive our bid most usually from QuickBooks. With your approval, we will get started on the production of the video itself. We receive a 50% deposit on or before the date in which we bring camera equipment and other resources for a shoot.

3. Video Production

Each video is shot based on pre-approved terms of production, as this is the most accurate way to represent company goals as well as stay on budget. Although many of the videos start with a one-on-one interview, regardless of the starting format, a producer will always be behind the camera to direct people on the other end for the best result. This includes speaking instruction, movement and body positioning, and follow-up questioning for clarity. Our producers make the process as fun and relaxing as possible for everyone involved, and we believe that shines through in the result.

4. Post-Production

How long do video edits take?

In post-production, the team at Matty D. Media edits the raw footage to deliver on the client’s vision.  The lead time on video editing is traditionally 2 weeks.  Larger projects could take longer than 2 weeks to edit.  For example, a project with an hour or more of raw interview footage would be considered a larger project.  Even for larger projects, we promise to deliver some video edited materials for review.  This might just be a portion of a larger edit.

Video projects that require video editing delivered within 3 business days are subject to a premium rate.  One-on-one sessions with a video editor are not included in the service.  However, some one-one-one sessions can be arranged.  Those costs would be bid on a case-by-case basis.

Communicating feedback on video edits

To keep our 2 week turnaround time promise, we ask clients to please return feedback within 2 weeks.  If clients are unable to give feedback within 2 weeks, it could delay the turnaround time of their project later.  This is because we book and edit most video productions on a 2 week cycle.  When clients cannot return feedback promptly, we normally update their lead time for future edits.  This new lead time is traditionally half as long as their feedback took.  For example, if a client takes 6 weeks to return feedback, their new video edit can be expected within 3 weeks.

We appreciate when follow-up questions during the video editing process are communicated by email.

While the client is not given raw footage, Matty D. Media saves most footage for the promise of future projects together.  Our video editors are focused on showing client (and their clients) the best of the source material.

5. Material Review & Client Approval

Then, when we believe that we have a product that is ready for distribution, we will get you re-involved with the process. You will receive an unlisted YouTube link to review it on your own time. However, our clients must consider that we also have other projects to work on, so we request that all reviews are done within two weeks. Otherwise, a $100 fee applies.

6. Delivery & Product Distribution

Once the review process is done, and the client has made a final payment, the video is delivered.  The client is administered a final file that they have license to distribute on any platform they’d like, including platforms that exist now and platforms that will be created in the future.  The video file itself is transferred through DropBox. We encourage clients to download and save this file on their end for long-term safekeeping. We understand that not all businesses are prepared to take on distribution, which is why Matty D. Media also offers distribution services for a small fee.  This fee comes into play with YouTube, Facebook, and video uploads to other social media channels.  Matty D. Media does not manage paid advertising campaigns for its clients.  We refer to many trusted local advertising agencies depending on what our clients goals are.

Other Considerations

Matty D. Media is consistently finding ways to streamline the video production process, which is why we ask that our clients aid us in the streamlining process. All late fees are in place to ensure that none of our other customers are impacted by stretched timelines. Otherwise, we give you ample time and establish all fees up-front, before starting on your project.

Are you ready to get started on your next video marketing project? Contact us to get started today. Reach us by phone at (785) 917-1999, by email at mattydmedia@gmail.com, or use our contact form to get started.

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