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Video Production Blog by Matty D Media

What is 4K Cinematic by Matty D. Media?

The 4K Cinematic service by Matty D. Media delivers a high-end video production quality that many audiences are craving from local brands. The videos are a mix of cinematic techniques and video editing awesomeness. 2-Person Video Crew First, our 4K Cinematic video productions include a 2-person crew.  This means more source material is gathered.  It […]

How video is a grant application solution for deliverables

Grant writing can be a stressful process, but clarifying video production as an output can help get projects funded. Matty D. Media has produced custom videos for several non-profit and business clients who needed tangible “deliverables” as part of a grant application. Of course, experienced grant writers understand the difference between outputs and outcomes.  You […]

Video Production and Website Design Power Virtual Tours

Custom video production continues its ascent as a crucial piece of website design.  Unlike well-written copy or sleek graphic design, videos start building trust with audiences because of the personalities in focus. When Data Drives Website Design Midland Genetics is a 4th generation family business that knows all about trust.  They supply seeds to farmers […]

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