Eric Scherbarth shoots Kizer Cummings short documentary video in Matty D Media production

Three Affordable Services for Corporate Video Production in 2023

If you’re shopping for great value when it comes to corporate video production, Matty D. Media offers packages that have been popular with Kansas businesses. These three approaches have been used by our business clients recently. Below is a breakdown of what the $400, $800, and $1,200 dollar bundle packages include.

Basic music video production for $400

Matty D. Media is a Kansas based video production company that specializes in documentary style videos.  A majority of times, these videos include some type of narrative.  Oftentimes, this includes highlights from interviews.  However, some stories can be told through music alone.  Take, for example, property listing videos.  For $400 dollars, our videographers can capture a variety of beauty shots.  Then, we edit the best takes to create a dynamic 60 second promo video where the cuts match the beat of copyright free music.  This approach ensures that you can publish your promo video online without any copyright violations.  Our stunning 4K stabilized videography will entice audiences to take the next step with your business.

Clik here to see an itemized sample cost estimate for Matty D Media’s music video package

This approach is very popular for medical offices, welcome videos that loop on a homepage, and real estate property listing.  For example, see how this AirBnB owner in Baldwin, Kansas captured the essence of her space with our polished video production.

Videography credit:  Eric Scherbarth 

Short documentary with interview highlights – $800

Whether a welcome video for your website, an e-mail marketing announcement, a hype video to kick off your corporate event in person, or all of the above, a short documentary can be very impactful.  Audiences might not expect the real life perspective that interview subjects can offer.  However, that authentic commentary might be the difference between landing a sale and being just another voiceless image on social media.

Click here to see a sample cost estimate for Matty D. Media’s documentary style 2 minute video

These packages are also great for customer testimonials, project documentation for before-and-afters, as well as videos for the “About Us” section of your company’s website.    In the example below, a Lawrence jeweler hired Matty D. Media to give audiences a unique virtual tour of their showroom and production facility.

In this specific example, two interviewees rotated into the same hourlong interview session on the same date/location.

Documentary video with photos and extra edits – $1200

Okay, now that we’ve reached the premium offering, it’s time to break out the bullet points.  Despite these preset price points, you can see how each video production is uniquely different.  With this “extra” approach, your production will feature more production elements to enhance the quality even further.  You’ll also walk away with more digital marketing content.  It starts with the short documentary template from above.  In addition to the documentary styled short video, we add:

Still interested in a custom quote for your business?  Please e-mail or just call/text (785) 917-1999

Matty D. Media also offers services not listed on this page, including commercial drone videography, corporate event coverage, VHS to Digital transfers, and more!


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