Legal videography services for Kansas and Missouri by Matty D Media

Matty D. Media Provides Legal Videography Services in Kansas and Missouri

Matty D. Media provides professional videographers to record court depositions in Kansas and Missouri.  Our Lawrence, Kansas based video production company even offers a special rate to video record depositions.  Learn more about our legal videography services below.  

Legal Videography for Kansas and Missouri Court Cases

Our videographers capture oral testimony from witnesses with high quality picture and sound.  Witnesses can wear a microphone to gather the highest quality sound.  Or, if witnesses feel opposed to wearing a microphone, we can record ambient audio from the room.  Court reporters, attorneys, and anyone else in the room would also have their voices recorded.  


Legal clients can choose whether to have the video time stamped with the date and time or not.  If no preference is chosen, the videographer will record without the time-stamp.  Time-stamps cannot be edited out of the raw footage.  Court reporters or videographers can say aloud the date and time as each recording begins. 

Do legal videographers in Kansas need to be licensed or certified?

In Kansas and Missouri, there are no notary requirements for legal videographers.  Videographers with Matty D. Media are not authorized notaries.  However, our company serves legal videography services in states where certifications as an authorized notary are not required.  


We work with court reporters who serve as the authorized notary to swear in witnesses.  Court reporters also serve as stenographers to keep an official transcript of the testimony.  This transcript can be added to the video (as closed captioning) after the recording for an additional cost.  

View the cost of extra production elements here:

How much do legal videographers cost in Kansas or Missouri?

The hourly rate for our videographers to record legal depositions is $85 per hour.  That is a 10% discount from our normal hourly rate to record interview footage.  This discount is based on two key reasons.  For one, depositions require none of the creative services that we are normally hired for.  There is no fancy lighting, camera angles, cinematic movements, and other enhancements that might normally happen on our video shoots.


Additionally, we do not pay for expensive and unnecessary third party certifications for legal videography courses that have no connection to government mandates.  According to, “some videography services advertise themselves as ‘certified,’ but they only achieved that certification through purchase or minimal paperwork.”

We choose to save that cost and pass those savings onto our legal clients. 

How to choose a legal videographer who is professional and experienced

Videographers with Matty D. Media have decades of experience working with law offices, local municipalities and government agencies.  Our founder Matt DeSarle was a television news producer for 10 years.  Journalistic integrity is a core value of our business.  Clients who hire our legal videographers can expect someone who arrives on-time, in proper professional attire, and who is dedicated to a high quality video recording.  If the testimony becomes emotional, clients can trust that our videographers will remain calm and focused on the technical objective.  


There will be no tampering with or editing of the video recording.  The only editing we perform is stitching multiple recordings together in full.  If there are “off the record” breaks in between, those will not be recorded in the first place. 


To hire a professional legal videographer for depositions in Kansas please call (785) 917-1999 or (913) 735-0783 for Missouri cases.  


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