About Our Corporate Videographers

Matty D Media’s Mission Statement

We are inspired the independent spirit of entrepreneurs. We embrace the mom and pop shops that steer local economies. We love small business owners who feel their employees are worthy of a short film.

We are an independent video production company. We are committed to local businesses and organizations whose stories motivate others. In a media landscape full of stock images and recycled GIFs, we dare to make your message truly unique. We enable people who are willing to present themselves authentically. Our video service focuses on the people, products and process of the companies we serve.

How to gain a competitive advantage with video marketing

Our company also believes in loyalty to our clients. Unlike many advertisers, we don’t stockpile clients from the same business category. If we produce content for one car dealership in town, we won’t produce content for its competitor across town. Our goal is to give our clients a competitive advantage. That advantage is lost if we hand to same formula to the competitor.

Capabilities of the Business

Our business services center around video production and video editing. We specialize in field video production work to capture small businesses and organizations in action. Our services include documentary, short film, TV commercial, production of social media ads, and other video production for inbound marketing and digital marketing purposes. Our core service is rooted in recording, editing, and writing for video.

How video editing syncs with your brand messaging

Are the videos that represent your brand not professional enough? Think of Matty D. Media as the professional service to change that forever.

We edit video to make our clients look even more fabulous than they already are! Magically, the “ums” and “ahs” of a natural moment disappear. The viewer is left with a concise and visually compelling version of your story.

Oftentimes, video editing is also a tool to navigate difficult issues that a company faces. The issues facing a company become the issues we care about. We follow compliance and/or privacy policies for the companies we produce for. The video editing process allows for marketing managers, agencies and other company directors to have a say before publication. We are capable of offering an editorial process that is open to lots of input. However, we are also capable of producing with little input. Our experience in the editorial process provides the judgement to make sound decisions.

Who can you trust as a contributor to your social media content?

Although our core services are centered on video production for small business, we also serve as a contributor on social media. We don’t advertise ourselves as a full service social media marketing agency. However, our producers can upload content directly to social media channels on behalf of the client and serve as a contributor. For example, we are editors for a growing number of our clients’ Facebook pages.

We do not handle film transfers, VHS, DVD, or any other archival service of tangible goods. Sorry, we also do not offer wedding videography services.


Video marketing for Douglas County, Kansas brands

We work with farmers, ranchers, plumbers, personal trainers, chefs, chiropractors, universities and hospitals. Our portfolio also includes work with organizations and nonprofits. If you live in Lawrence, Kansas, you may have seen our videos produced for social media. We created videos for The Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association, Kaw Valley Farmers Markets, The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, and K-State Research and Extension Douglas County, to name a few.

Documentary filmmaker in Northeast Kansas

In 2016, we produced a short documentary about Mexican-American migration to Topeka, Kansas. The documentary was later approved for programming on PBS.

Please read director’s notes from our biggest productions. Those behind-the-scenes accounts are shared in our website’s case studies section.


Why Matt DeSarle launched Matty D. Media

In 2015, television producer Matt DeSarle left the newsroom to launch Matty D. Media. He was eager to work with small business owners who were realizing the power of social media. Matt felt his 10 years of TV experience would translate well for local business professionals. In most cases, the standards that Matt applied to videos elevated the overall production value of what small brands were publishing. Matt started by interviewing business owners all around Lawrence, Kansas. Since childhood, Matt’s friends have always called him by his nickname, “Matty D”. When he interviewed people, he wanted them to feel comfortable enough to call him by his nickname. There is less pressure to “perform” for the camera if you’re just sitting down for conversation with a friend. Viewers also trust someone speaking from the heart. And so Matty D. Media was born. Its mission is to always be a friendly director behind the camera. We work on the client’s behalf. You can even call us by our nickname, Matty D.

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