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Documentary-Style Video Production for Kansas Dentists and Orthodontists

Local dentists and orthodontists in the Lawrence and Kansas City Metro area looking for a new way to reach customers should look no further than documentary-style video production. Whether you’re showing real patient testimonials, or showcasing the high-tech equipment used in your practice, documentary style video production gives you an edge in your video marketing.

What is Documentary-Style Video Production?

Matty D. Media offers professional, high quality documentary-style video production for dentist and orthodontic practices in the Lawrence, KS and Kansas City Metro Area. We offer a wide range of documentary-style services from patient and staff testimonials, practice updates, current technology in use, and many more.  Most times, our process involves recording both interviews and action shots to produce highlight videos.  

How Video Marketing Delivers ROI for Kansas Businesses

We pride ourselves in serving local businesses such as Hoffman Orthodontics in Leawood, Kansas. Our documentary-style videos have generated over 8,000 views on Youtube organically in the last 2 years for this family practice. Hoffman Orthodontics have used their documentary-style videos to showcase patient testimonials, biographical stories, and policy updates.  This approach was not only helpful during COVID-19, but also updating patients after the pandemic as policies regarding P.P.E. became less strict.  

How video marketing is important for dentists and orthodontist businesses 

Dentist and orthodontic offices benefit from using documentary-style videos in local advertising for several important reasons. Firstly, these videos are genuine and build trust with potential patients, as they show the real people and processes behind the practice. This authenticity helps patients feel more comfortable seeking care.

Documentary-style videos also highlight the expertise of dental professionals. Through interviews, demonstrations, and patient stories, they can showcase their skills and commitment to quality care. This educational approach not only informs the community about dental health, but also helps patients understand the services offered.

Lastly, these videos establish a personal connection by allowing patients to get to know the practitioners on a deeper level. By sharing unique features and community involvement, these videos make the practice stand out and create an emotional connection. They’re also easily shareable online, boosting visibility.


How to Get Started with Documentary-Style Video Production for Your Business

In short, documentary-style videos are a powerful tool for dentist and orthodontic practices, as they build trust, educate, connect, and help the practice shine in the local community. Matty D. Media offers professional high-quality videos that can help give you an edge over competitors. Showcasing state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment for example, helps potential patients feel assured they will be provided with the highest standard of care. 

As a local small business, we pride ourselves in helping other local small businesses achieve their dreams. If you already have ideas for a documentary-style video, or don’t know where to start, visit for more information and a customized quote.  You can also call or text Matty D. Media at (785) 917-1999 to set up a free consultation.  


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