Matty D Media owner operator Matt DeSarle preps camera while wearing COVID 19 mask

Video production while social distancing

Property listings are among the gray areas when managing video production while social distancing.  Sure, housing is an essential business.  However, is video marketing for a house essential?  The answer to this question has set the course for our overall COVID-19 response.

Video production COVID-19 response

At Matty D. Media, our video production philosophy is to “Keep Producing.”  But we want to keep producing while also protecting lives.  Therefore, to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are conducting videography while also social distancing.

Everyone shopping for a new home deserves to see what it looks like.  Videos we produce enhance that experience.  During a stay-home-order in Kansas, a single videographer has been visiting properties and taking proper precautions.  A Matty D. Media videographer always wears a mask and gloves.  He stays 6 feet or further from the person showing him into the home.  This has traditionally been a realtor, especially during COVID-19.  This case study provides ongoing guidance for how Matty D. Media is conducting video production during the pandemic.  Whenever possible, we are producing virtually using Zoom (and other similar) video conferencing platforms.

See contactless video below.

Video production plans for Phase 1 reopening

Here in Kansas, Governor Laura Kelly outlined a very sensitive way for the state to begin re-opening on Monday, May 4th.  Matty D. Media will follow that guidance.  We will continue keeping a social distance from people on site during production.  Outdoor video shoots will be given preference.  We will not be sharing microphones or other similar equipment.  Ambient microphones will be used more frequently.  Interviews will happen on Zoom, Skype, or similar platforms.

To request a custom cost estimate, please consider these two links.  Click here for corporate videography or click here for event videography.  Matty D. Media videographer(s) will not be attending events larger than the minimums stated as part of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s guidance as phased re-opening continues.

To contact owner/operator Matt DeSarle, please e-mail

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