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Video editing can ensure video chats have marketing legs

Video editing can be the difference between having a temporary video chat or permanent video marketing content after the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.  

How video editing services enhance video conferencing

Matty D. Media LLC is a video production company normally focused on field production.  Like all businesses, we have pivoted.  Our video production has transitioned almost exclusively online.  We are recording and editing videos with the platform popularized by this pandemic, Zoom Inc. video conferencing.  Below is an example of a video segment we produced with an expert on small business loans.  

These recordings can help build a library for your business.  Sure, right now there may be a COVID-19 mention in the video chat.  However, those references can be removed with video editing.  Your business will be left with an evergreen piece of content.  There can even be two rounds of video editing.  One version can exist for during the pandemic and its ripple effect on business.  Another iteration can be edited and published for 2021 when a “newer normal” has crystallized.

How video chats technically become brand marketing content

Whether giving a business presentation, recording a podcasts, or training staff internally, video editing can create more concise and engaging content.

Please keep in mind this technical note:  The person who is hosting the Zoom video chat must record the meeting.  That video recording automatically records whomever is speaking during the conference.  Zoom makes one video file for the host of that recording.   This process is explained by Zoom Inc. in the video below.


How a video production company can enhance your Zoom video chat recordings

Matty D. Media LLC is a production company adapt to producing on the fly.  We can add production elements to your video conference recordings such as graphics, copyright free music, professional narration, and stock images or footage.  We even have lots of boutique archival footage from the areas in Kansas and New York where we serve business clients. 

Contactless videography available for businesses

In rare cases, we are shooting video in the field. Single videographers can shoot contactless videos with stabilized cameras while wearing protective gear.  The first video below demonstrates that safe approach.  The second video demonstrates a video edit using only smart phone footage.  In this example, a real estate agent captured smartphone footage inside a property listing.  The footage was sent on Dropbox and edited remotely.  

To connect with Matty D. Media LLC for a free and custom price quote, please call (785) 917-1999 in Kansas, (845) 380-5464 in New York, or e-mail mattydmedia@gmail.com to reach video producers in both areas.


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