Matty D Media produces videos for small businesses including dance studios

Why invest in video marketing in 2021 with Matty D. Media

Why produce videos for your brand

Producing relevant video content has never been more important.  If your business considered investing in videos for 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic made it an easier choice for 2021.  The pandemic sped up a lot of existing trends.  More companies were forced to embrace virtual meetings.  More business is happening online.  And video will account for 82% of internet traffic by the year 2022.  Matty D. Media produces videos for small business and local organizations.  Many of our clients don’t have the time, talent, or resources to produce high quality video content in-house.  That’s where we come in.  And with the growing demand for video content online, most businesses need help in at least one of those 3 areas.  According to Social Media Today, more than half of shoppers admit that videos help them making buying decisions.  Four out of 5 people say they learn new skills through video.  So the consumer demand for video perhaps has never been so high.

Whether you are a marketing director or working with a marketing agency, you’re hoping for qualified leads.  A campaign isn’t successful if it doesn’t excite your ideal client to act.  Data shows that’s happening with video.  Consider the infographic by Oberlo showcasing Optimonster’s findings.  Campaigns that use video get 66% more qualified leads.  

Oberlo and Optimonster stats

How we produce documentary-style videos

Matty D. Media is an ally of small businesses.  We have a team of former TV news producers, film-makers, and longtime video editors on our crew.  We record a lot of footage during our video shoots.  However, we edit it all to make our clients shine (even brighter).  Viewers are craving authentic content.  We believe interview-based video production is the best way to accomplish that authenticity.  Small business owners who speak from the heart come across well on-camera.  We understand that some people are camera shy.  We work hard to empower clients with talking points to community who they are and what they do.  More importantly, we explore why businesses and organizations do what they do.

How to produce videos that can go viral

If you don’t make a statement, show something unique, or give access to your camera crew, your video won’t go viral.  The Matty D. Media videos that have gone viral feature professionals who have given all-access treatment to the video production process.  A pediatric chiropractor we worked with gained 145,000 YouTube views within 4 years of her video being posted.

A small meat market in Eudora Kansas has gained over 30,000 views on YouTube.  The commonality is the access.  Both brands gave their viewers a true look inside the business.

How to make producing company videos easier

If you Google tricks to make videos, there’s no shortage of apps and online programs claiming to have a “free” solution.  But they’re cheesy.  And those programs oftentimes don’t showcase footage of the actual business.  Consider this top Google search result in September 2020 about “How to make business videos.”  Spoiler alert:  that program uses stock video instead of actual company footage.  Matty D. Media is local.  We go to the business and capture it in action.  If we need to beef up our production with a stock video here or there, we can.  However, we start with the business owners and team members in their own words.


If those clients need shortcuts to make the video production process easier on them, we have a variety of solutions.  For one, we can bring in a TelePrompter if the message needs to be exact or if the spokesperson is concerned about ad-libbing.  If necessary, we can go a step further in avoiding the company leaders speaking on camera.  Sometimes we rely on professional voiceover artists to narrate the videos we create.  The video editing process itself is also a major ally of the company spokesperson.  The “ums” and “ahs” of a sound-bite can be easily removed when layered with b-roll footage.  We can also stop the cameras and rehearse with our clients as much as necessary.  In short, we have a lot of experience making this process simple on businesses.

What to expect on the day of a video shoot

The Matty D. Media video production crew takes about 15-30 minutes to set up its equipment, depending on the environment we’re walking into.  Because we produce documentary-style videos, we defer to clients in terms of the background.  We recorded interviews from everywhere.  We record interviews in cubicles and combines.  Yes, we have actually interviewed from the passenger seat of a tractor and a combine.

Because of that whole “authentic marketing” thing, we are as flexible as possible to produce where the stories are happening.  Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were wearing masks and meeting with our clients in the field to produce.  Generally, we recommend filming interviews before the action footage (b-roll) is gathered.  That’s because something might be said during the interview that we want to support by gathering action footage later.

On-camera interviews (or speaker presentations) always include high quality picture, sound, and lighting if necessary.  If the lighting inside a business is part of the story, we won’t change the ambience.  If the setting is naturally dim, we might brighten it up.  Interview subjects are mic’d up.  If they stumble on their words, they can stop and start anew.  Again, we are working with the client.

No two projects are produced in the same manner.  However, there are many best practices we’ve discovered since launching the business in 2015.  Some video shoots are marathons or span a number of days or weeks.  To document the average sized small business, we typically can produce a great business profile video after a half day video shoot.  The action footage that we gather can involve as much or as little participation from the staff as is appropriate.  Some companies prefer that we are the “fly on the wall.”  Other companies prefer that there’s more fun interaction between the staff and the cameras.  Those decisions are discovered during the fact-finding we do during pre-production.  The pre-production brainstorming we do with clients is the first of our 6-step process.  Read the full 6-step process here.

Matty D Media produces videos for small businesses including dance studios
Whether you operate a dance studio or a small farm, Matty D. Media can produce videos for your brand.

To contact Matty D. Media, please call (785) 917-1999 or (913) 735-0783.  You can also e-mail


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