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Video Marketing Service Plans and Strategies to Finish 2021 Strong

Matty D. Media announces a 6-month service plan for small businesses and local organizations to finish 2021 strong with tailored video production and content marketing. The 6-month plan blends video production, writing content for websites, and social media marketing. These video marketing plans stem from custom video production.

Videos we produce are often repurposed for social media, blogs, digital marketing campaigns, e-mail newsletters, and more. This video marketing service plan prepares clients to excel in all of those areas.

Video Marketing Service Plans Highlights

Small business and local organizations that subscribe to these plans invest in:

  • Monthly video shoot to document client businesses
  • 2 Social Media posts per month that leverage video assets above
  • Blog article written monthly that compliments our video and stimulates search engine optimization
  • YouTube video uploaded with the SEO friendly tags, written description, thumbnail, and other best practices
Eric Scherbarth takes video of IPC workstation at RBC behind the scenes split screen
Cinematographer captures technicians at work during a video shoot at RBC Medical Innovations in Lenexa, Kansas.

How video production dictates social media

The video production that Matty D. Media manages can dictate the social media coverage that a local company deserves.  Small business owners and marketing directors are often told to “repurpose content.”  They’re also told to find “authentic” storylines within their organization.  However, having the time, access, expertise and resources to capture those moments is tricky.  That’s where Matty D. Media’s experience with video production and digital content management fills multiple gaps.  Allocating production time guarantees that professional videos are captured.  When our video crew is given proper access, we highlight the authentic storylines that a target audience will want to watch.  We have experience in TV news, public relations, film, and mobile journalism, so the editorial judgement comes with the package.  Matty D. Media also invests in the top equipment to shoot and edit videos that meet audiences’ standards.

Video Marketing Case Study at Matty D. Media

A perfect example of a video production service plan at work is Construction Specialties of Lawrence, Kansas.  Matty D. Media has been producing for this company’s YouTube channel, website, and Facebook pages since 2015.  Each month viewers can expect a new video.  Videos have had an HGTV-style flair.  Locals welcome camera crews into their homes to show off their new remodels.  Company co-owner Mike Warner describes the value Matty D. Media in the video below.

The Cost of 6-Month Video Marketing Service Plan Investment

These plans cost $750 per month when 6 months are paid in advance or $875 when business clients pay month-to-month.  Matty D. Media’s contracts provide in-market exclusivity per industry.

Click here to read the full one page 6-month service agreement.  

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Video Producer

When your business hires a professional video production company like Matty D. Media, it is investing in premium content.  Videos we produce are broadcast quality.  And our producers are mindful about creating videos that don’t expire.  There’s a shelf life.  Matty D. Media produces evergreen video content.  We don’t handcuff the videos to certain fads or unnecessary time stamps (ex. someone on camera mentions it’s May of 2021 when that has no particular relevance to the audience).

Royalty Free Music for Local Video Production

Video production companies like Matty D. Media also use royalty free music.  In our case, we have a wide variety of music to choose from.  Genres range from light country or jazz to hip hop and hard rock.  Royalty free music guarantees our clients won’t have future headaches.  No one will be claiming royalties.  Videos won’t be flagged by sites like YouTube for copyright infringement.  If those flags pop up, we have the paperwork to verify the origin of our work.  This will eliminate those flags.

Matty D. Media Produces Broadcast Quality Video

We shoot video with high end cameras, sound and lighting.  Investing in broadcast quality also gives companies future flexibility.  So many of our clients have migrated to advertising exclusively online with digital marketing.  However, value can still be found in television advertising, especially on a local level.  If you invest in Matty D. Media videos, you won’t have to go searching for content to act on a TV campaign.  Broadcast quality means the picture is at least HD quality, the sound is pristine, and the color profile matches a universal standard for “broadcast safe.”  Moreover, the video format is NTSC with 30 frames per second.  (Matty D. Media can produce a documentary in film styled 24fps, but that’s at the clients’ request or on a case-by-case basis).


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Local Archival Footage by Matty D. Media

Because Matty D. Media has been producing in 4K since 2015, it has a rich library of footage.  Video clients who invest in service plans get access to library footage at no extra charge.  For example, we may suggest a beauty shot of the Kansas River for the piece you’re producing on local environmental impacts.  We have lots of footage of local events and landmarks.  Matty D. Media has produced hundreds of videos for clients in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka and the surrounding region.  Oftentimes corporate video production packages don’t just tell the story of one company.  They tell the story of an entire region.  That’s why corporate video production packages are enhanced with the free use of our footage library.

About Matty D. Media

Matty D. Media serves small businesses around Kansas City.  Our video production company is based in Lawrence Kansas.  Matty D. Media has a growing number of clients demanding high quality video production in Johnson County with videographers who operate in Overland Park.  Matty D. Media has served corporate video clients throughout the Midwest US; including cities like Omaha, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Wichita.

We specialize in documentary-style video production.  Call (785) 917-1999 or fill out our free pricing tool for your video today.

Matt DeSarle and Liam Chewning work together on Blog and YouTube content during COVID 19 thumbnail
Matt DeSarle and associate producer Liam Chewning work on blog and YouTube content together during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
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