How Video Editing Polishes Brand Messaging

Video editing can take a wordy soundbite and tighten it up.  Just like a copy editor refines a press release, a video editor polishes a speech.  Soundbites edited by Matty D. Media are building blocks for great video marketing content.

Let’s show you how we do this.

How Video Editing Optimizes Sponsored Content

“Ums” and “ahs” are often removed from interviews during the video editing process.  Matty D. Media produces for small businesses and local organizations.  We prefer interviewing company spokespeople.  Audiences love the authenticity of unscripted answers.  However, this doesn’t mean we can’t polish the video.  Video editors can cut tiny pauses and optimize the attention given by the audience.  Every second counts.  In fact, every frame of video counts.  The average video may be watched for 3-7 seconds on social media.  If a video editor removes a half second breath, that may be the difference between a word or phrase making an impression on someone.

How to create concise video marketing content

In this example, a small cattle rancher is discussing how he creates affordable beef packages for customers.  He compares his product to the problem created by his competitors.

The cattle rancher does an awesome job of explaining his competitive difference.  However, he has the occasion “uh” and “ah” in his speech (like most of us do).  A subtle video edit by Matty D. Media gives him a competitive advantage online.

In the raw footage, he says “the problem is that it creates a massive, ah, amount of storage.”

During the video edit, we remove the subtle “ah.”

The cattle rancher also pauses slightly before saying “(We) build our packages smaller.”

A video editor removes the “ah.”  The pause is also edited out.

How Video Editing Creates Professional Content

Why a video editor is a digital marketer’s ally

There are 30 frames of video.  After this video edit, the soundbite becomes 14 seconds and 12 frames.  Audio from the end of one word and beginning of another are faded up and down to blend together.  A subtle overlap of natural background sound smooths the video edit.  Copyright free music is also played underneath to further blend everything together.

One second of time may not seem like a lot.  However, if we do this four times during a 60 second Instagram promo, it could be the difference between being able to say a call-to-action (or not).  In this example, having this attention to detail four times would obviously buy four seconds.

In this video edit, two subtle cuts are made to shorten a soundbite from 15 seconds and 11 frames of video to 14:12.

Interview-based video production by Matty D. Media

Small business owners understand that appearing on camera and speaking to their audience directly is important.  This tactic has graduated from the “trend” stage.  Customers now expect to hear from company owners.  Interview-based videos by Matty D. Media are the heart of what we do.  Click here to see prices and examples of recent videos.

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