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What is 4K Cinematic by Matty D. Media?

The 4K Cinematic service by Matty D. Media delivers a high-end video production quality that many audiences are craving from local brands.

The videos are a mix of cinematic techniques and video editing awesomeness.

2-Person Video Crew

First, our 4K Cinematic video productions include a 2-person crew.  This means more source material is gathered.  It also means that businesses maximizes their time focused on a video shoot.  For example, two staff members can act out a sequence separately.  One videographer can capture the chef carving a steak while another crew member gets the sous chef prepping dessert.

More Source Material for Video Editing

When it comes time to edit that video, between 15-20 camera angles will be used every 60 seconds.  That’s a new visual being seen every 3 seconds!

Because we are gathering more source material, the final promo video can be faster-paced.

What 4K Cinematic Looks Like

The “cinematic” style means that the cameras used are higher quality, there are more camera movement, and the overall aesthetic can be described more like a boutique short film.  One of the cameras we like to use in this 4K Cinematic package is the SONY a6300.  You can see the high quality image resolution below.

Cameras that Slide Across the Subject

The different between corporate video production and simple videography can be debated.  That’s why Matty D. Media finds it important to qualify the components of its 4K Cinematic video production for corporate clients.  One staple is the camera’s sliding effect.    That’s when our cameras glide from one room to another.  They slide across an interviewee as she shares a story.  This effect is artistically done.  It delivers a powerful aesthetic to your brand’s audience.  You can watch more examples by clicking here. 

Local Archival Footage by Matty D. Media

Because Matty D. Media has been producing in 4K since 2015, it has a rich library of footage.  Video clients who invest in a 4K Cinematic package get access at no extra charge.  For example, we may suggest a 4K beauty shot of the Kansas River for the piece you’re producing on local environmental impacts.  We have lots of footage of local events and landmarks.  Matty D. Media has produced hundreds of videos for clients in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka and the surrounding region.  Oftentimes corporate video production packages don’t just tell the story of one company.  They tell the story of an entire region.  That’s why corporate video production packages are enhanced with the free use of our footage library.

Corporate Video Production Kansas City

Matty D. Media produces video content for small businesses and local organizations.  As you can imagine, most of our video production is geared for digital marketing.  To stand out on social media, your brand needs to make a mark.  The competition for content is fierce.  We have found that many local companies toy with individual production elements.  A smartphone can shoot slow-motion or time-lapsed videos.  DSLR cameras have empowered amateurs and professionals alike.  But before your staff goes down the road of exploring a new video app or standalone video feature, consider this:  Are you paying that person to produce videos?  Are those videos tying together different elements to tell your story?  Is the production value high enough to live on your website for a few years?  If your digital marketing deserves a producer committed to high-end production value that tells your story, consider Matty D. Media.  Our corporate video production team is ready for you.  Give us a call or text at (785) 917-1999.  You can also fill out a free consultation form on this page.  Keep Producing!

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