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Steps of the video process by Matty D. Media

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1. Pre-production meeting

Matty D. Media owner Matt DeSarle always leverages his experience as a newscast producer while working for clients. The first step of the video production is always the pre-production meeting. With a decade of editorial experience, Matt DeSarle dives into what a business wants to communicate. Business owners and Matty D. talk about what visual components are important. For businesses with public relations departments, this is an opportunity to discuss how to align the message of the final video with existing marketing efforts.

matty d preproduction

2. Estimate bid

Based on the pre-production meeting, Matty D. Media bids on the project with a thorough estimate. The estimate is traditionally e-mailed from a QuickBooks platform. A secondary e-mail is sent with a narrative explaining some costs in greater detail. Click here to visit Matty D. Media’s current rates for video production and browse the file below for extra services offered.

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3. Video production

After the client accepts the offer, Matty D. Media shoots the video according to the vision laid out and terms agreed to. Most times, the video production process begins with on-camera interviews. The interviewee is put in a situation where he can appear professional yet conversational to the viewer. Matt DeSarle traditionally sits behind the camera lens. He walks people through the process. Questions are prepared to find out the most important facets of a small business. Results of the interview also dictate what type of footage will be gathered later by the camera crew.

matty d video shoot

Because all of the interview footage is edited, interviewees can repeat or retry statements made on camera. Matty D. asks follow-up questions. He also coaches company representatives to speak in the active voice, instead of time-stamping the interview with the past tense. Videos appear fresh, lively and new because of how these interviews are conducted.


4. Post-production

Matty D. Media edits the video according to the vision established in the pre-production meeting. Clients do not “sit in” on edit sessions. The length of the video segment has already been established in the pre-production meeting. Clients are not given raw video of any project. However, Matty D. Media will archive (internally) footage for clients who want to produce videos on an ongoing basis.

5. Review and approval

matty d recording video

The client receives an unlisted YouTube link and/or Dropbox link to view the video. Matty D. Media will make changes to a video at no cost, as long as the feedback is delivered from the client to Matty D. Media in one document.

The client is expected to review the video within two weeks of receiving the link. A $100 fee will be applied for feedback that is delivered after two weeks. Matty D. Media will not shoot video that cannot be delivered to the client within 2 weeks. Please be respectful of the production cycle so that other clients are not adversely impacted.

6. Distribution

A video file is uploaded to Dropbox and transferred to the client. Clients can download the video file and has license to distribute on local TV, Facebook, websites and any other platform. This includes digital platforms in existence today and platforms yet to be invented. Matty D. Media provides free consultation on best practices for distribution on social media. Matt DeSarle is also an editor for multiple clients’ social media platforms. He uploads videos directly to those channels for a modest fee.

matty d redorcing a video

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