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Matty D. Media Services Evolve to Meet Demand

In 2017, Matty D. Media LLC will roll out a new product mix that will better serve client demands while rewarding those clients who commit to producing a video series. Clients will have more flexibility to produce multiple videos as a result of their Matty D. Media video shoot. In some cases, the cost of producing only one video will go up. To lock-in a project under the current pricing model, please click on the 2016 rate sheet below and e-mail with your request.

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Also new to the 2017 package mix will be a longer duration for videos produced in 4K. Last year, Matty D. Media rolled out a 4K cinematic video package to satisfy high-end brands. The service is also an acknowledgement that 4K will be the future technology that most viewers experience. It’s also an upgrade to the image quality because of the cinematic approach to dynamic range, movement and depth of field. The new 4K video packages will also allow for lengthier segments because of who the typical audience is. The cinematic experience is more commonly presented in theaters, watch parties, galas or trade shows. Normally, the larger the screen that showcases the production, the more the argument can be made for a 4K product. The video below is an example of a 4K cinematic documentary produced by Matty D. Media that was featured during a cultural exhibit at a local university.

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