Video Production Company Launches 5-Pack of Virtual Options in $100-$375 Range

Matty D. Media, a video production company based in Lawrence Kansas, continues pivoting during COVID-19.

Although based in Kansas, Matty D. Media has been producing for corporate clients around the United States during this pandemic.   We produced a virtual graduation video for a vocational school in New York and developed a promo video with an entrepreneur in Omaha launching a new business magazine.  In some cases, video content can be created without meeting in person. Therefore, we are introducing five affordable video production that are contactless.

The first option is $100 and produces a 30 second video.  Clients provide our video editors with cell phone video and photos.  We create an amazing highlight video from there.  The introduction to the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day video is a prime example.  Like many cities, Lawrence Kansas had to cancel its physical parade this year.  However, the charities at the heart of the event were still awarded $100,000.  A video produced by Matty D. Media celebrated the the fundraising win on social media while so many people in the community were home in quarantine.

In the $375 territory, a videographer can visit a business or property and produce a virtual video.  There are actually two options at this price point.  Both are “contactless,” but deliver a virtual experience for the audience.  Matty D. Media can capture a virtual 360 photo that is Google-verified for its Street View listing.  Or, we can produce a short video that simulates a point-of-view experience for the viewer.

Click here to see full details of these services. 

In addition to those three options for contactless video production, Matty D. Media offers video editing services for video conferences and live chats.  One production edits video chats.  Another way is through YouTube.

Click here for full price guide. 

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