Video gains 10 thousand views organically

Family store’s Facebook video shared 100+ times

The Red Door Home Store is a family-owned business in Topeka, Kansas that features seasonal home furnishings and also specializes in services like floral design and front porch makeovers. As a relatively new business, owner Jesse Borjon has relied on the brick-and-mortar experience at Fairlawn Plaza to grow the brand. The company does not have a website, but has a healthy following on its Facebook page with more than 2,500 followers.

In early February, that Facebook following rallied around a video produced by Matty D. Media in a major way. The video was a debut of sorts. It was the first Facebook video on Red Door’s page that celebrated the family behind the business. In just the first week, the video was viewed by more than 10,000 people, shared by more than 100, and liked more than 200 times.

The viral results not only created a buzz for the existing customer base, but also introduced the brand to new viewers. The Red Door Home Store invited dozens of new followers to like their page through the hundreds of likes.

The video clearly outperformed shorter videos, which did not include a narrative from the owners, that were posted to the Facebook page in the weeks and months prior (see below).

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