Chiropractor replaces Facebook video ads with video series

Are you a small business owner brainstorming a Facebook video good enough to justify a boost with ad spending?

If you don’t have a compelling video, no amount of ad spending will make your target audience pay attention.

Chiropractor Amerlia Rodrock recently reversed the video production vs. ad spending ratio. She started the process by considering what Facebook videos her clients would care about. She then invested a small amount into the video production and waited on spending ad dollars.

Dr. Rodrock and Matt DeSarle of Matty D. Media LLC sat down to brainstorm a video series to showcase her clients. By featuring local families, Dr. Rodrock had the ability to gauge organic reach on Facebook before committing to a costly ad budget. (Scroll to the bottom to learn about the costs of producing a video series).

The video series launched in 2016 with three of six videos posted in March. Dr. Rodrock received more than 13,000 video views on Facebook combined within that first month. Only one of the videos was given a modest boost with ad spending. The business page itself had less than 700 followers when the video campaign began. Dr. Rodrock said that, within the first month of the video series premiering on Facebook, six new clients booked appointments after watching. Dr. Rodrock feels that the number is higher, but not everyone admits to the video being the reason.

The video series focuses on chiropractic care for expectant mothers, young families and newborn babies. Each of the six videos are three minutes long. Matty D. Media and Dr. Rodrock call the series #WellAdjustedWednesday, posting a new video every week.

Matty D. Media LLC will produce a 6-part video series starting at $1750. The package includes sit-down interviews, two-cameras to cover action shots, professional lighting, audio and direction. The package is also geared for a one day video shoot, which was the case in Dr. Amelia Rodrock’s project. For more information, please e-mail or call (913) 735-0783.


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