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Kansas Ghost Storytelling Contest Offering $250 Prize for Best “Horror Story”

“Free State Horror Stories” is hosting a ghost storytelling competition for 2021.  It will be an open-mic style.  Contestants will compete for $250 cash. The rules are simple. Four competitors will get 15 minutes to record their story. The storyteller must either be a Kansas resident and/or tell a horror story based in Kansas.

Free State Horror Stories is a YouTube video series.

Free State Horror Stories Submissions for October 2021
A $250 prize awaits someone who tells the best Kansas ghost story as voted on by YouTube viewers.

Contest Rules for Kansas Ghost Storytelling Competition

Anyone is welcomed to enter the contest.  Entries are due by Sunday, September 26th at midnight.  If you are interested in competing, please email a brief summary about your story to mattydmedia@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on freestatehorrorstories.tv/.  Show producers will contact you about a very brief (remote) audition.  To keep with Halloween season tradition, a camera crew will record the storytelling alongside a campfire (or another backdrop that sets the scary mood!).

The horror stories can involve traditional ghost stories, psychological thrillers, suspense, true crime, or other scary stories.  The stories will be subject to YouTube’s community guidelines.  For example, stories cannot incite violence.

However, stories with some violence and/or mild sexual content will be allowed.  YouTube does not allow for “gratuitous violence” as part of its community guidelines.

Burning campfire outdoors 563720
A Kansas ghost storytelling competition is underway.

How the Kansas Ghost Storytelling Winner will be decided

Viewers will be encouraged to vote on their favorite story.  YouTube comments will count as votes.  Viewers will comment “this is my favorite Free State Horror Story,” in addition to their other thoughts.  The newest comment from each individual viewer will count as a vote.  The contestant who accumulates the most votes by midnight on Halloween night (i.e. Sunday, October 31, 2021) wins.  The prize will be $250 payable by cash or PayPal.

About Free State Horror Stories YouTube video series

Free State Horror Stories was born in October 2020 during the COVID-19 global pandemic.   Co-producers Matt DeSarle and Eric Scherbarth were eager to continue production work in the field.  This, despite the pandemic slowing regular business with small business clients.

Free State Horror Stories involves a mix of first-hand accounts, perspective from local historians, authors, and re-enactments.  Therefore, the video series has something for everyone.  There’s a mix of history and horror.  In Season 1 of Free State Horror Stories, Lawrence Kansas landmarks The Eldridge Hotel and the Sigma Nu House were documented.  Click here to watch the entire Season 1 of Free State Horror Stories for free.

Free State Horror Stories is a production of Matty D. Media LLC.  All rights reserved.


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